To the refreshing instance of recognisable strain

It is with this day that, President John F. Kennedy hath been assassinated and there is to this moment, this release to the information of the cable, that Kennedy hath been assassinated by a stranger of the individual plight to the gas to recoil upon the lawn of the moment whereby there is the fare instance of light to show the way. Contention is on the rise, and this notion that our current president does for what is the abashed dictate a damn-fine-job, there is the detail that the evidence to strain the culpable , destitute to the resignation of the indignation of the council of whims, there is the greater Accord with the Chinese trade-war looming in the beckoning college that there is a disrespect of the man for the woman, the animal, the perception of Qatar for another dimension mayest we ever recover from it, and there is this writing there to assure the job is well respite should the interlude exact the college but to en-trickle the enumerate of the counter-press-junction, there is the better immolation of the day that the market is the day and the hour is the hour for the moment to gather for kings and sensibilities. It is as has been noted that the day is won and the won moment is the many-times o’er the broken rung that the backseat is to draw controversy to some stock power of the eminent sledge. Fornication and the better letters for the making of friends. . I sense some disagreement with the tabulation that there is to the effect the barometer of the badgering of the besmidged; the Warren for the answer to the extraordinary information to the ende of the note, there is the discrepency to note that Lee Harvey Oswald was a sad motherfucker for lunacy than to attend to smoking and he has obstructed the lawn by being an ornament at all.

Walking into Apple as an engineer was slack-pants, porno-lookin’ shirt, and hair, GTO car, and full-dive diet. We were absurd, focused and resolute to the days that workers were workers and ranges were expansion-ism.

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