Re-roofing the Vatican :: 2023 12/12 pitch

With the death of Pope Benedict XVI, the Catholic church is undergoing an overhaul of infrastructure that there may be some indication as to the future of the nature of the beast ; for it is the protestants in their vision to be inclusive with one another in the study of the ways about the society so considerate as to be the workers, there are men and women that toil along to assist with what is sometimes a bizarre generosity (from the Catholics), but this is no ordinary world-view for us this day would argue many more.. It is in my own exclusion from the Sunday services of those whom, growing up would argue there is no Church but the Covenant of the pagan to embrace, there is the foothold of the Vatican to remind us of the unusual placement of the thing within our society, aye, but it is to this day some have their questions as to the nature of the church once more.

As I reflect on the years wherein Ratzinger (phntc. sp.) challenged the creation of The Book of the Oculus , it was the man stepped from his platform and resigned wholeheartedly from the argument the occult satire of the day was not but some memorable enjoyment all his own, and still to these accusations of the privacy of the man to have defeated the nazis, the strange history of his unusual tendencies to acknowledge humor made him an unusual pope some would argue.. And with Benedict XVI, there became more of an inclusiveness of the Hispanic society of the Americas to battle forth into the world and the universe, to unite within our societies and find acceptance there; the relief of the vessels of the indignation of the tutelage to agree upon..

As with my last post pertaining to President John F. Kennedy, we see that character assassination and real-life threats are sometimes over the course of one’s life to the extent there is a belligerent accident after another to include or exclude certain individuals from conversation pertaining to technology, religion, politics, or the nihilistic tendencies of the philosopher to challenge the psychology that the buckle of science becomes the whipping-object unto the body that we art felled by continual military confrontations or some conscription by which there is only to serve the country , that there is no rest, that there is food but it sits for the look and measure of the shelf.. there are such places that exist in the universe as to the natural selection about it? I know naught, but there are those senses about which I would battle against than to complete that our worship of chemistry hath not yielded a shorter life..

With the Quaker Society of Friends, my grandmother and I saw a different loneliness of America. To this day, we see once more the pain of the strangulation of our bodies , that to fit the tight clothing is bad, that the looseness about the robe is some insurrection of the imbibed spirit not to recollect on the times heavier nor witness to the effect there is the stifling of the body about the children, there, there it is within us ; the arguable fear of the lack of commonality but to ignore one another.. This [Quaker] Society rang with a truth to the patronage of the women to take drugs and wear belts, to loosen the clothes for one another, the challenge of the genealogist but to gather the best to the community – aye, would say some, and yet, the critical to the tomes of the neighbourhoods became for some the measure about which there was a respite after another to die off into the world some effort to explore it and return, there were those challenges of the women to be awaiting the day the men would treat the children with respect as they aged .. still to the form of the way about which there is any instance the chance to interact with the fields, the typist of the day looked at as some espian, lest there was the television for the child in the day, the adults by the gathering the eve, Nova for there ever was a volcano , I remember ye..

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