The Ghost of Miregreckingshire and the resolute English language to cause dismay or joy to the tolerances of the English, the Americas for they are great

Since 2016, there have been many advances in the translations of different languages into English . From these days when I was translating different languages into what is perceived as the most tolerable form of communication on the planet, life has been distressing, challenging, painful, and , to some effect, the most bizarre .. Machine-learning has overpowered most social media to the effect there is the expression of some truths or language, some people writing to the dismay of the hour to convey the exactitude of the moment

As you can see from this website, there are many challenging translations, interceptions of language per se , conveying the ineptitude of the English language at times to elucidate the meaning of some other language; it has been to the pursuit of the English language through these years, that I have seen some comment similar to the ways of our elders, to put into print some other meaning than has been some obviousness to the effects and moments whereby there is or is not some peace to the hardships of the planet upon which I exist.

It is to some obviousness that, to the effect of the notions of appreciation for Native American culture and heritage that, I see some effect of the words that have been so burdened by machine-learning. I have written over thirty-five books, have been wrought to the ends of my life again and again through a pandemic, and have encountered the most bizarre circumstances whereby English is still some common moniker for the absurd.

During the tail-end of 2016, I was trapped on a planet so dangerous that I thought the feelings of cold could not possibly get any worse. It is now that with my books and freezing-temperatures, I have encountered pain so terrible that , with my bones terribly broken and my body simultaneously capable of fighting back, I have been terribly assaulted again and again.

I have been seeking therapy, have done some physical therapy for my injuries, and been trying to continue working with my community that our planet not perish to the resolute extinction so many have believed is in-store for our planet. Since comet IZOD and Shoemaker Levy, life on Jupiter has never been the same. Neptune as well, with its loss of electricity and different life honing the distresses of the pleasures whereby Saturn, in its collapse to do some contest to Jupiter , its nearness to us, I have sensed that , despite the complexity of our solar system to collapse upon the platforms whereby some endless and painful radiation does some harm, there have been the fears of time travel again and again, that no matter the contest but to relate some pain to another form by way of expressions with music, art, the ways of our elders to communicate some reniassance // reconnaissance .. it is to the effect of conscription that my family believe naught / nought to some digression that I have ever served my country , else my planet .

Today, it is such that I reflect upon some of my written works, that to some digression that not all genders appreciate my works per se, there are so many challenging translations and opinions of authors that, I fear it is to some effect the notions of fiction are propagandized by some planet or person for the sake of the entertainment but to ruin the pangs to settle within our solar system some argument that life exists else-place than Earth, Jupiter, Neptune, even the Sun (Mercury) whereby there is the tolerance but to be enamored by their technology in a blinding difference but to see in the light, the darkness of quietly approaching sciences competing for the tasks but to exact some further argument that to see in the dark is evil, there are those whom continue to struggle but to sleep in the night, the nocturnal animals so objectified for their strange and frightening appearances, it is I reflect on the short lifespan I have faced from a centipede sting so painfully real to this day, I fear the animal will again find me through and into my body but to harm me again and put on some show of strength and failure that I cannot but see some digressive instance whereby there is but experimentation done unto me, unto the centipede , it is to this day even bats have been so challenged as to their position that I worry for the instances whereby Van Allen Radiation belt, the Drake passage, whereby there is an instance of traversing some two days again and again, this passage, there is the strange embrace for both the hideous and absurd, aye, our planets so different from one another, I worry that the instances of the written books have been used for the fodder of one argument but to abstain from the tolerances of the pangs but to express..

Being a polygot is very challenging, to some effect that , to speak different languages, there is some discrepancy in the progression of English but to trouble the mind ..

With Brexit, there have been challenges so bizarre as to exact the progression of English spoken throughout the universe that our solar system has been left some exposèseretsminimus , this word in Icelandic some bizarre meaning but to force the consciousness to the Lamb , the strange hallucinations of the labour there, this strange and painful country left to examine the hardships amidst volcanic activity, it is on this day I feel the pain of a volcano so terribly neglected (life on Titan) that, there is no humerous left in my tentaclised body b ut to I Worship His Divine Shadow

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