Font-revivalism of the Mediterranean : Jovian-chicks with major sticks : : Ramadan on .eth

I am disappointed in the position with which the United States has approached Iran and Iraq. I am not happy that it is for our country and moral ethics to celebrate Ramadan over some quest to impart upon the United States population some view that the injustices committed by muslims in Afghanistan did, for the better part of the mockery that the Bush Administration has wrought with their teaming-up against battlements that are rife to the concerns of Americans that, to the effect the liberation of the peoples of Afghanistan was to some deferment to the military, any action under concern with regards rules of engagement that, to the impeachment of the President, there is the betterment of the people noted no other person than McCarthy it seems and it is that President Biden must learn the lessons of the Iraq war that, to the effect there is the impeachment of a president and deferment to the military totalitarianism of its day that, the small-battlement model of Afghanistan, should it deter from the common interests of the enemy, there is the loss of the ethics to abstain from conflict, there is this instigation to suffer the wages of war (gulf-war syndrome?). . The withdraw from Afghanistan was without some other subtle conclusion that the models of the an implementation of a National Security Agency wire standard into Iran does or does not call for a redaction of the common language by which there is to the ethics committee a better military strategist than [redacted] on the determent from asymmetrical warfare that, to this day we have implemented a better model than peace o’er the enemy and it is an ‘enemy Mine’ that, to the conclusion that Vladimir Putin is not the issue to the concern of the regime for which there is the writing of the poor fable by which Afghanistan has come to dominate the incongruent view that the moral efficacy of the domination over the enemies of the muslim regimes of the planet, there is to this day that false liberty with which the United States has celebrated the fable by which the Constitution was established by muslims (would note the enemy).

Holocaust denial this ramadan is very real, and seeing the status of the conflicts in Isreal with Netanyahu’s embattled position to overthrow a jurisdiction one rife container for the betterment of the sorrows the English to imbibe some tolerance to the right-to-left read-and-legible script, to the left-to-written belligerence that pain relief is some mechanism the calling to the lower-realms of some Palestinian insurrection after another, there is some fear that the bridged gap between Christianity and Judaism is but a cemented proxy-establishment of socialism in the Middle East .

Demagoguery of an economic foreign policy against Egypt in the ‘times of the shadows’ (when trees stand) by which there is the forecast to resolve the world by way of clear-cutting, thereforenwritten is the social tax of the reformist society to embrace the Quaker ethics of the escaped-mind-solvent to do good tithings to Egypt and construct a library ‘ere, no matter its place. To the effect there is the canon of the light of the residual clearing by way of the numbers to some Jovian elusiveness but to imbibe art to the folly of the noise, there is no other number than a fractal of integers worth of books to be burned for every word ever thrown to the trash heaps for the quietude of politics.

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