Year-end auto-tunner drivel and natural tone

23 Nov 2022 – for the writings of the V.V.V.V.V. A:.A:. degree by virtue for the slashing of the Accordance with the writings of the treaties that thereby there is the exhaustion of the denial of the plate, for it hath been sewn that the mormon is wrong – Ephedra, for the alkaline – fear, the mnemonic, Seventh Offerings for the Wednesday of the matter that, for some story of the hand, there are knives there – this Edwin, this scissor of the perception of the field of the advanced technology, there are for the adaptations of the hand not to obsess about its scathing remorse – Assault! Therein the fables for the contrinbution the House of the Expression the fear that, for the taking of the marks to the face, there are the discriminatory marks of the wrists and they are judged the rosecrucian – A:A.

For there is the season of today, there is the expansion of the ‘field of autumn’ that, to the inclusion of the cutting-down of tree-matter, there is the production of books, music, paper for the music – the Thugee , for they art to wear about their necks the origin of the necklace, there is the fear of the tightening about the Vajradevandasutta Sastra of the Dhammapad’ nectar, amrit for there is the remission of the collegues and the rejection thereby of the semen of the thegee of the beads of the malas beads for they art dropped to the sewer – The Ohmegethrethereion of the Rivierete Gangees

And there was a field about which the cross, to the jurisdiction of the mnemonic, there is the holding of the nagragnarok to imbibe upon the colleges the fear of the people, for there is the book of the three-letters that to some scarlett digression there is the fear of the machine, there is the battle of the dolphin to slay down at the technoctratic Jesus that hath arisen to hold the ragnarok

And there is this mnemonic of the fear of the times lords that, to some relief of them to see the form as intimidating should it be smaller before them {he} – she} to this remission of the breast, for one lies upon the turning of the body for the art of the subject but to hold Apollo in the epoch of the virtues to tide with archery, there is the abandonment of the wood nonethus that, there is the expression of the yew and the dodderment of the fear of the bow with the compound machinery for the[y] machine-canabolise upon the shaft into the hand and there is a fear there of the pontoon about his field Thus to some marker, the House of the Lower Floor the budget the clearing of the manifest to the medical services

hearing news with regards space telescopes and AST with Blue Orcha III and some new things ahead for our part of the Milky Way .. Blue Orcha III is 64 square metre, with handsets to the 500 + km and once calibrated and operational will work with cell phones on the ground !!! #bbc#amazonAlexa#echoDot

edit: is SETI unknown bbc ..’ 10 yrs .. satellites .. 12 companies .. ‘ winners – losers sorted out .. ‘ .. to preserve the Night Sky .. tangible benefits to .. people . . universal good.. Industry solution .. ‘latest-and-greatest-anti-reflective-materials’

Stress! The better end of the joke, yoga .. some medical column OBSTRETICSBAPHOPHMET XXZEIDOCO^^^128.4

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