11 September 2022 – notes on the conditions the pandemic @RussellBrand , some guy named Richard , Nadya, Becky – God Save the King :: scarjo bitching and complaining media-whorish act :: 21 years later


I appreciate your notes on NIH and amateur-parasitologist dewormer notes as the fear of the improvisatory use of veterinary drugs in the US and abroad, Thailand with its rife abuse of Ketamine, the enforced psychiatry of the damned chemical prodded into some presumptuous notes about the weather; the science of of; some maths the ignorance the cheese 🧀 😢 #proctologyMyGuts 😂on the further note of the filibuster Truss has assured, there is the herd immunity of the Norwegian failure the promotion the valhalla the myth the closeness yields the reproductive character of Maslow the entomologist ; some better natural law the targeted-individual regardless, I love you but the transparency of the abuse of veterinary drugs is precisely the assault the common the fuckin’ rendering factory the knockery the milk 🥛drink up some fuckin’ bugger the blend-tech the nutrition the teeth falling out for Oaspey and a nitrous tank then? I enjoy your media but I fear the daft resolution not to challenge the books further is to institute the mortuary science the standardisation the processing the bones that there is some intimate cleanse cream or a better pH some front-to-back, the drudgery of the assault on the natural law in the marketplace some better excuse to be hanged and shot . The Christian reich of the material science of the Russian, English and American theatre is precisely the problem the wrecking not to do some disservice but to set me aflame once-more ; hemming us in, said Crowley !! Hemming us in !! A:.A:. Class B amuck the better Scottish some sand the worship the non-binary for a massage 💆‍♀️ God save the king 🤴 Fuck off and for the notes the morrow I say Do what thou wilt shall be the Fall of them All (Eisenhower ) 😢❤


Today I reflect on what it is to be American. Being a firefighter was very difficult and I hope I make it through the pandemic with u to enjoy more of your lesfic .. I’m sorry for the Twitter fight and just know I love you and u are a cutie :)) thinking of u..


When I think of Occam’s razor I write books said Sartre .. what a hell this tremendous Camus noted the better Archibald for Crowley’s arse some transitional council the better-massage .. touch my veinous inter-rhythm . Bring for me the light of the common ghost than to deny me some Irish Red Herring said Charles, some lot. Some inter-spielmittstagen the hierarchal structures the CPR dummy for a bounce.. my knockery.. those tits regarded Richard , will never drive harder a land rover in her time .. and lo, it was parked there, immolating my reeking salulatté-burning-gasoline .. aflame.. a night.. the passion of Her teacher for the chance to drive again .. for my English t*eachurettute bourne some hallucination of a man this yelling overtone of teeth and hell I have for you .. Richard, get your mind out of the solar panel 😉 #GhosthuntTheEpicHousewifeofMiregreckingshire

21 years later…

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