Pika :: Pokémon Go

I’ve been working on Pokémon how I can and have to admit it’s a learning curve but have been working on deepScarlett and some other badass systems .. so like the evolution of deepScarlett and deepBlack will take years to work on and I’m really excited for this year.. I’ve been applying for work where I live but finding work here is challenging .. have been working on the Maripoul cleanup and have my concerns about the war in the Ukraine like anybody else.. I am concerned for V. Zelenskyy and his rife contention with Putin.. as many of u know I really like Putin but him not doing Facebook anymore has really driven a divide in social media.. it seems Zelenskyy wants to legalise LGBTIQ+ rights and marriage in the Ukraine and Zacharichya being shelled will be another cleanup on the scale of Fukashima .. I have been hospitalised quite a bit but my health is starting to improve.. Serena Williams is on my mind today and she appears to be stepping down from tennis .. she is like a major influence of mine as an athlete and she inspires me to keep my head above water.. the Britney Griner prisoner swap is contentious and I am worried for her.. it is astounding how strict Russian Federation can be for travelling.. when the kgb was active or some reality for the planet, it seemed going anywhere was so nerve-racking that kids like me growing up just didn’t seem to have opportunities with education but I have overcome the adversity of their rule.. with Putin being ex-kgb, some people have judged me as being some kind of Illumimitus! Trilogy Spetsnaz cell and the sleeper notions of the book really influenced me growing up to overcome some kind of element of clandestine insurgency that I not but conduct myself without being a voyeur .. I am so offended by voyuerism that to even look at my own reflection in the mirror I feel scared that as I age, my country will forget about my efforts to defeat terrorism at home and abroad .. I am nervous for what the future holds with the war in the Ukraine and hope that the demilitarisation and Russification of Zacharichya will come to some international attention that the relentless shelling must stop that the IAEA can resolve issues of the reactor without some Fukashima or Chernobyl dirtiness of the unknown factors that contribute to the lives and safety of nuclear technicians.. #peaceInTheEuropeanTheatre #nathanhfox #peaceInTheUkraine

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