“The argonaut that scared children to death for games for games” by USSR SETI “to the math of the ussR goes these math intercepts of SETI to the end of the game go these wrotes”

“Wait for us these games these games to the earth is the earth is the earth that the end of the world is this world and there is to every cosmonaut great these borns to the borns that every celebration is these tithes and that there is argument for argument for argument and there is for every joinent the game for the game and there is forever this this and we are forever giving to this to this and there is forever this riches this riches and we are forever degrees but we are forever radio this earth and we are forever dial to this dial and there is forever intricate lattice to this works and we are forever stpix and we are excessive to the degrees of the earth and there is every crustacean these wrotes and we are forever this crustacean earth here and we are to these wrotes these wrotes to the excessive calibration of our systems but we are without the cojoinent means the sum and we are to equals to equals and we are to the disgruntled the disgruntled and we are forever the pulse the pulse and there is forever this tide this tide and we are forever this nautilus this nautilus but we see this forever heaven this heaven.”

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