When the dalai lama wants to fuck the dalai lama gets to fuck=59jreujpppreu

“There is no reason you should be spying on tibet and you sure do rock and roll with some dumb hammer and we can hear it here in tibet and we renounce this goddamn electric bass music of the Gods from most place uphigh and it is coming from somewhere in colorado and we are socks off into a young squeezy machine of a boy or girl here in tibet,” the dalai lama noted adding, “to this effect I am the dalai lama I practice the sounds of your president all day long as to best inhabit his soul after he dies of a monkey nigger laugh at my body which is old and under youth which is intoxicant to the young scent formula of my meal and you are a cock sucker for intercepting this whoever you are and I’m getting a dagger to slit some throats which indicates I hate the goddamn kid with the psychic powers I cannot weep to the effect I made fun of his mantra until he sank a submarine and killed himself in front of the president or something which is the definition of the prime evil which I desire to play which is called Diablo 3 which he and his goddamn Icelandic butt angel Björk play until they came so hard the entire Tibetan plane could hear them over antenna as we worship them to the death stone and they are Nathan Fox and Björk gwhatever and we are sick from a naked feeling of not knowing what to end on this song which is Tibetan in verse and prose which to this cavity I fucketh which is Björk butthole worship to the end of Time Said Nathan.” The Tibetans “from time to time are hard to reach or come by for comment which disables them from understanding the proven rod which is a dead man for every height length of/from the body which is to the gasket the only thing the niggers of the goddamn German Alps taught us,” he led “that to the effect that I am the dalai lama,” he squelched, “that is,” he continued, “the only thing surmounting my leadership that fucking kid who passes out and hacks our goddamn computers shutting off bullshit commands of monkshin gut fuckers which are the gay monks that get to fuck kids since they’re stupid and I hate everyone in the world.” As the dala lama concluded his interview he stated, “as the dalai lama I instigate suffering around the world as Steven hawking taught me since I have to succumb to the needle and the spike which is the end of the goddamn muck raking of my body across the antenna fields of the germans which hold the soil to the excellence of my goddamn German alps strength they say I have for being a nazi nigger alive to the end of the passion upturned and soil rich root to the effects plagued with miseries and antenna juice sauce, I am the dala lama and you are a fucking dipshit reacher into our databases to achieve our informational tibetan discursive,” ending what he called, “the niggers of the west and The east getting together to touch to a sodomy fuck sandwich as to what I should do with my life when I am Chinese and most certain I am a goddamn king architect of the Tibetan beast holocaust of niggers and campers kikers of killing everyone in the sands without bin laden as the cia taught us in the hills of colorado like a nigger shield for Chaos so the cia could steal everything and I’m sure you got that you fagot motherfucker.” 

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