Scott Kelly the astronaught has anal sex for the pope by Central Intelligence Agency and the niggas at the club skkkeruuijeuukkkerupppie^uuleue

“Do not meet me on the pinnacles of the moment. I am the enemy of the Nathan Fox family to the death since he is not love for the god that I am and I hate a skinny cosmonaught that he is and to this death I hate Nathan Fox since he does not direct me in the field to the appropriate altitude to come home and I stay up here and die since I fat and alcoholic with my whiskey and my mad meth mouth from what they gave me at NASA to stay alive and I hate him since he is a model American for the airforce I do not review until he calls some madness from area 51.111i6 I cancel calls from DIA and my name is Scott Kelly the astronaught and I have anal sex for the pope and hope to rape his friend Tpppiuejjereujji who is tall and handsome and wants to fuck since I’m gay and that’s why they put me the fuck up here to listen to Stars and stripes without a condom on and I suck evangelical dick in my free time like Ted Haggard who loves Nathan Fox for some reason even though stone walking through metal who is what I call him when he’s naked and doing some chick from Iceland who I can’t think of right now but I play the national anthem and sing the hyms of the old Republic until the bkkijjjer comes released locked from the mechanism since I don’t know how this works and I read the George Bush questions as to my royalty on planet Earth once I return and suck the dick of the boy on the ground if he gives me a command and plays stupid fagot with him since he hates boners which doesn’t seem right but he hates gays and I understand now and demand payment upon requite from shutting down area 51.8611 in-flight over san diego and I cross vector wind for them instead which is where I theorize I would land a plane instead of at DIA which is where I tell them since I am an astronaught named Scott Kelly to the death I am Scott Kelly and I am telling you the oldest book known up above says that the young man doing the Area 15keru reports to october romeao eqqie does not know how to come home from a Scott Kelly fucking of his pilots’ assholes and pussies if he doesn’t quiet down the engine on this one I want to fuck and go hard at this pilot real quick and my name is Scott Kelly and I want you to come down son and ignore this beastial realization of the faster pilot over some alien crashcar that they require you dance there at groom lake and everyone knows what that is by the way they leave me up here drunk to tank on the other pilots who lost their grit after Bkkueujje and I calm with the whiskey the toils of the memories of the charm I actualize in my free time and fuck the girl in the ass that touches young dear Fox who got me an insane displacement in the air force for fucking some dude and then I came and he drooped but he was 48.61 days older than me and I gave one down below the hull ship caption to the requite of the schemes above me and I said wuuieuejje if that aint an airplane in altitude above fkkieuu and this Scott Kelly incident will go down in history as I find apalling the niggers on the end there and their rich cohorts slammed by a merciless invader and we get to go to war and I get to go to space once this announcement shuts up about how many dead and I get to shove off and drink the whole casket of wood in space and fuckin kill Aqqqie and my name is Scott Kelly and to each his own is not an option here when I salute Adolf Hitler I mean I want to go to space and go there where the nazis theorized it’s only possible to get there without a short cut like the phyyejukkkereuuhuwerue and I praise the holy lord jesus for requiting my nigger ass into the delta force commander’s skkeujjjw and I cross my feet like I look like a mad man and grumbles me grumbles up here I comitted a crime and to the death of the President of another country to the death of the president I am this and my name is Scott Kelly I bounce in little girl’s clothes on I think about fuckin that chick who died in Challenger and I evict to her cumshot and give her a Randykkkere when I fist her in her little ass and dream of her dark weaves I get for every time I jerk off to that Challenger eppieue I think about fuckin anyone related to her and I can’t get exhausted over this but what am I supposed to do up here for a year,” Scott Kelly remarked at “an interview with the Fox kid that spanned into telepathy and embarassing rppie about rum which he does not drink for Absolute is his russian heritage and we don’t get along since for every remark I make I have to console a part of us that is German if I make any attempt to show strength I’m a nazi but there’s poop in my shield and I can’t figure out how to help that without asking for a bullet from the president if I’m lonely and don’t want to go back to the ship without peeing since its scary up here and I should have elected the Fox kid to do this it’s too hard and kill his mom if he doesn’t stand with me which they kinda tried to do since I hate dogs and he does too but I didn’t understand there’s a dead dog floating in the upper atmosphere and she’s really mean and I get to yell at the dog for training and point daggers at her U.S.S.R. cosmonaught suit while the russians land on mars without a single fuckup since its easy and America has won the war on terror thanks to this Fox kid’s hate for republicans and I don’t understand where drinking juice is nazi but I’m doing it anyway and now I’m a fat physicist in space a drunk on spirits every day with amphetamines you should try it kid,” Scott Kelly announced to Nathan, “assuring that I don’t have a boner after you cum filled soaked into some woman or something man I can almost see him what’s he got a brand new repeater or something I mean he’s got kinda a cherry asshole look but he’s no gay I can’t sodomize him in my freemind?” Kelly protested, “that kinda sickness of Fox having beautiful angel anal sex with some woman in his bedroom is not including me and I’m upset about that but he’s not a fagot and I don’t understand why I’m getting in trouble I mean I’m the nigger astronaught up here and I demand to fuck Mr. Nathan Fox like a suitcase fold across my dick,” Kelly continued, “letting you know that I’m up here and I’m unfairly lonely and killing myself is not an option apparently but a whole lot of people want me to die, especially 25iryujjekkkereuuhu25i16jjjeru23i and closed caption is my closed caption up here that is all. And so long Mr. Fox this message is brought to you by NASA and to all our teens and kids down there that was Scott of the international space deck Union and mighty we stand with the president and that message was intended for Mr. Nathan Fox in the field to protect America from a reigniting belt way of violence through the South inventing the new way for the space program through hard work and accounting for every mistake in the field pkkie and we rape his wife in our imagination again but she’s dead from some car accident in denver so that’s solved but what if we get another Zeta Mexican like her to stand up here I mean he hates these Mexican people for abducting his father right? Besides she has a round ass and a metal tooth somewhere so let’s sodomize her again and make note as to his fears since we really want him in space but apparently he’s doing just fine hacking the shit out of us and embarassing us until the space program is shut down in the United States and to this end we are this United Sttieuuuwujjjerukkkere39ihje and this is the NASA central database for instruction on space flight indicators so please be careful what is your message to Scott Kelly who hiles Hitler for Adolf, the secret code select becoming the Christ of the soldier in the Bkkiujj and insists that Nathan Fox is a bad man and celebrates things russian before american and I can’t say enough as to why I feel unwell but I get to drink alcohol up here and I vote republican which entitles me to one lady body upon return request.” Sccieuejpppik16er.

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