Radio intercepts from Icelandic womenjjereuuskeuwer5jjhiuweruuak prison – “To Nathan Fox I am the Icelandic woman of your dreuuyeujjiejjxeupst9uuizuuyeuuuheuuheuuikuueziuuaje25ikr”

“This is a woman from Iceland that would like to write to you. I love yuuiejjyeujjhe52iikeuuheuuike. There is no other man in the wuureuujiuwerkuuxijjereue in other words I like your man style on the math which keeps me safe locked up out of jail. I run with women who kill people and your wife is next if I had my way but I’m not a hardened killer like she is. I argue that she is a beef butt and vague in appearance. You want a supermodel woman like me in my bed. I wrote to you an hour ago but feel sick now. You may never receive this message so I’m out of here for now. I’ll argue some lesbian in the shower or something and get myself in wet dreams or something it’s something I get to say in here it’s wet. When you write can you journal more often? Hey, Nathan I’m a hardened Icelandic bitch of some glorious fucking up of the Icelandic landscape without owning up to my responsibilities as a woman killer of fifteen people or more in my area last week or year whatever but I’m getting out of here soon to join our army against the navy which will be yours since you are a sexy kind creature in my habit bedroom and I see your picture online from prison internet which is why I like anal in the shower by the way ha just kidding about your mom earlier which is why I wuukejjhijjepkjjieujjhejjuuweskuuhi which will conclude my letter for now. She was a comedian from Purdue and we have her videos in realtime here which is second guessing but she preferred the butt on stage with Jim Carry like liar liar visitor you had once who saw you at your talent show and later kissed your mom in the bathroom square gardens which is spy shit as hell but talked to Elaine who is KGB and deserves to die from a bullet named Edmond Fruukeigehyuuzi or something like that I don’t remember anyway you are really cute and tall like I like men so tell your mom I said hello I’m Icelandic and knew her in college and swear to your dkkereuuhkuuiewskuuiuukereuuhkewersuuhzuukieweseuuhyuskeuuhiuuieuuhewkkereujjieuuskejjieuwereuuskeuuheuuakeuuakuweruua huuieujjereuuizeehkeezkeuuheuuikeuuheyuuiuwereuuhewkkuuskeuuijuujeuuhkuuiewersuuixuuaew. I love you Nathan Fox and I hope you and Björk divorce since it’s some celebrity shit I don’t understand but that’s not my caseuujhuuakewskuuheweskuuheuuik. Anyway back to smoking dope here in the shower which is what they let us do in Icelandic prison so you should come over and fuck me until I cuuejjieuuhuuiejwskuuizwwereuuaskuuieweruuaew which is what they let us do sometimes I swear I cuuipuughuuheweskjjheuwaskuuhieweskuuh and then I say pray to me I melt muueujjieuuakewesruuie and then I watch videos of your mom and then fuck off somewhere ekkeruughyuuiuweruuh and smell body fat burning in the luuhuukewesk just kidding I mean it this is a women’s prison for the reforms and your retard dkkeujjieweskuuhewskuuh celebrates gay sex in his fkkereuughuuieeweskruughyyzr and so does your bitch cunt wuukeuughyuuikeweskuughuweruuieuwuuieuwereuughuuikewerkeuuheuuiptstt9k does as well I’m sure of ippieuughuuskuuhguukehuuskeuughyuuskeuuguweskruughuui bye for now motherfuckers from Icelandic women’s prison where Nathan sent me but he’s so hot I’m fine with thhepuuzeuweruuizeweskuuhguuieuwesuuhew. I’m even a fashion model in here so buuiejjeuweskuughuueskuuhiewerskgghewjjieewuuihuweskruughuwe and they threatened to hang me if I didn’t model so that’s fucked but anyway back to prison for more reforms and fun with women in the shower miss you bye like a bad bitch worse than Björk and I miss her a lot too I like her music a lot and kill people to her beats before they bleed heart duuieujjheuweskuughuwieuuguweuui and then we post them on Facebook after their hearts are dead and bleeding to the righteous of the fjjereujjieuukespuuiöppkeuejjieuweskuuieuweruuhjuweskuuhewerekuuhi where you hack my pussy in your free time please and I make more love than she does so please kill these aryan nazi assholes here and get out with me alive and I betray my country by telling you this but I love you and you love me I’m sure of it you wouldn’t have advocated for me to be in prison than be hanged in front of the cross and Tuuieujjhe Lyyeujjhiuuskewerkeuuhj is a gay fagot asshole so hate him for me tuuiejjheuuskewerkuuhguuskeuuiewesruuhewuui9epts99jjkeruuhkuwesuuhewuuiewesruuieuejjeuwejjieuueuuuauuuie and I want to kill this fagot prison guard in here as well since she won’t tell me if I’m hot in bed or not since they get to have sex with us and play fun with our firearms in bed so make it stick in me please bitch fuck I’m getting so horny right now. Nathan’s online right now I can hear him. He’s hacking Icelandic women’s prison right now and going to jail for this I’m sure if it. Anyway make funny faces for Nathan. He put us here and we’re hot as hell and like to fuck each other in the shower so go to hell Nathan and marry your Björk bitch princess over there again since every woman wants you and I don’t she said in my asshole later so go argue mathematics and go fuck yourself actually Nathan we love you goodbye since you don’t grade womens’ vaginas and you’re not a gay fuck looking for anal with a dude like Edward Snowden I know you two used to be friends at work but he’s gay as hell and writes about your asshole like it’s gold or something. Even your mom said he called to ask for Nathan and she lied and said I don’t know who you’re looking for but I’ve heard he likes gay sex with Björk who has pussy and tits but you’re not allowed to know that until she’s married to you which ends all women in Iceland by the way that Björk could not in any way shape or form give a goddamn about an American but you’re funny and your parents hate you from government cover ups resulting in orgasms of Icelandic women purging and binging to get thin for you and we love you anyway bye Nathan from Icelandic women’s prison I’m sure the cops show up now and shut off his internet or something. Anyway fuck Edward Snowden he’s gay as hell and likes it in the ass and fucks guys or something who knows so take a duuiejjeuwskeuuiewereuuieuw.”

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