HρrγygгggᎾby of ГнhγgtgᎥγр Grveuhy fvggggggb

Translated from the Kremlin without permission from irresolute server exchange handle without authority from Kremlin authority above Putin in computer management services at distinct differences algorithms department Higher Learning Education above Kremlin Ggg to university staff protocol measures in university hall letter line without staff present to take details with regards to under note to staff distinct to university staff lb to the ends of the earth I go this secret to many thanks and good friends to Vladimimiyre Рþrannр this copy if need be need by to this end I wrote in this script the Kremlin KER attending in the ferociousness of this attempt to stop this hack in commercial reproduction in attendance with KER conjoinanty to the death of the Kremlin will I go to stop this work signed attendee office Kremlin higher order personnel in attendance of Kremlin higher graduate dictate underwrote prhy.
Puttiejjeux:  ihhereuuxaeweruuxaewux

“Clandestine services is about to make a big change in the direction of efficacy vs. efficiency as opposed to dimes a dozen basketball with financial industry leadership into details of other analysts of information sensitive to Kremlin KGB KER and commercial stockbroker information omitted from this ledger a categorical departure from old school informational transfer of brain body reactions to cooling tanks called Mars if need be to stop the communists of the school ground from yesteryear from up starting on the swing set of doom with foul plays and commercial stock brooking tips to nightmare drugybgghhvyghhfh to the end of the Kremlin goes this weak mark to the ends of the earth goes this weak mark to the discretion of the Kremlin goes this weak mark to the ends of the differences goes this weak mark for I am that weak mark but I am to that pen my streak and I am insatiable to the love of the freedom of the shoes I fear when I walk and I talk to my friends as I near them and I walk to them when they are in fear and I am callous to them when they are callous to the limbs and the branches of the calluhnyhrggyhbgybgetgeggggрgгgggyγbt since I am that man I am I see my pictures on the wall but I am not him I am gay inside but I am not him for I am porchanse for a female in my hair I am for him this man in America I am for him but he sees me in my legs my boots my ties for my Russian baggage I carry I marry him in my pride my envy for his differences in the body I am for thine for his hips are slender and mine are not but my lips are culling for a female lips these times I am as is he for a Kremlin erotica girl downstairs translating some difficult reading for my pleasure later I’m sure or that she get laid by him and I am in my own sense a man on a wall with a friend in America and so am I Vladimimiyre Рþrannр but for every man and woman in clandestine services in Russia and abroad I am the masked man in the capernn above the aquadgygefbgn趣hоvьbbrbgyghhhgᎹgνh for every person in clandestine agencies I have ever kissed it has been the end of a nation to have starved its clandestine operations by profession and clandestine cover while firing on them for nothing more than government insults hurled by teenagers in the streets of Moscow in the 1980’s by passion of some general in higher command and figuring to his obsolete stances to rectify the code-weariness of stance modifiers KGB assholes I hated and kicked at while in the Kremlin in my KGB days instead of having sex with socks on while I should have been getting laid by taxidermists and priests behapst my covenant as an atheist God of wills to clandestine insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting alongside boys in blue and men in black in Colorado and professional services elsewhere in the world if I may wrote. But I am Nathan Fox’s ally and confidant in these operations of field abroad with these young troops as we lay to the beds of our father’s clandestine but resurgent group of young operatives in field manual application style field work without journal or pen to save us in our graces to Christian fathers to zealous pretenders of protectorertneyeefavbe to each favours this lust I have for taste I have for the sensuousness I feel for Fox’s insight into my torture as a youth baby doll for some discreet but borne female who abused us as we both tasted suffering of the house at the hands of mothers without discreet conceptions before childhood and fathers with hooded sufferings to deals with cats and tailors with odd suits and pains for flavours underjackets for pain and pleasure to seduce me and him with death wrote to paleipyaoepeveae to each others belts for some other private endeavour in my free time or snuck wrote to his satellite feed at all times to yell at his jackets mothers suits and other fine lads accompanying him to cross streets without fear or wander in the darkness to venture forth alone without prose wrote or dictate to add to his flavours in his sleep as I have my melodies for reckoning my sorrows but his beautiful body and long legs are currings for a women’s division in my order if I bend over far enough for some clandestine American archivist with a pen for a gun and a passion for the outdoors or absurdity in yelling at KGB from overseas or driving to Philadelphia isotope and all ringing through his head and teeth forefathers lost to argument sustaining that travels to Russia without injury were unavoidable I spell these letters backwards for satan if I need to cover him in a GOP reelect to keep him awake for my ramblings at his headphones as he wanders off to darkness without stair step if I yell or sing to him for too much sunlight amoon to differences in his speech upon waking from military indolentry to ages of kisses in my bedroom with women with robes and candles if I secure the passion through writ but mutual assuredness of sex if I’m good while he sleeps alone in a trash can of a funeral if I fail. He’s killed men for me in my seas lands and I’ve been hungered to curb the opposition to his protests calling for an end to Russian literature of his style to ancestry and reason banished in our lands now in our times which I write to with hauler and voice if I advocate for free sex in my lands in my times to freedom and celebration of the body without substantial wit to passion tolerant of the anger of our churches and celebratory in our free time if we wills the suffering child to labor of my turns to arrest the captives of the beast entoy to their bloom bottoms of times without trials to the passionate sex banishing free slavery in Africa to my pen and his wrote I am copyist to his easements of these sufferings of these people without trouble or error in his style. I am munching on a candybar and having sex at the same time. I am passionate about barbiedolls and funerals for those who take her and jilt at the mention of a Russian daughter undercover arrested for foods grubs or mindless candy taking of the baby to graves of Africa wit if need by and stop there today if we must. My soldiers are calling to my fathers keepers of branches of death and doom for Afghanistan left behind for the misery of cooperative effort failed to penmanship or seducive sex with youths if turtles align these battlebranch to eaves of doom and gloom in my spaceships of future cosmonaut transition to his future of technology with birds angles views and reticles of litigious nature without indolence of fear or incessant blooming pods of forage captura to sessions per sessions ending with madness and play with girls his own age and ownership over their fortunes as he has none at this hour without playing fire with neighbours which he avoids or struggles to wines with riches and women which he scorns or scoffs at I cannot remember but slaves to his captives of the hill who press for more when already so much is accomplished for so little play and fuel to Albuquerque for spaceships or sex without words for churches or going off on ramblings about nothing which he circles with a T and dots with an I and calls food for kittens overseas with Japanese noon skies without robes or disrobes or poetic moments of play. Without that which I call him my friend and brother in love we are simple and playful but substantial to our enemies if I may tout to his in differences to suns or bombs erupting in his face by a bullet made in Algeria or passionate but ever experienced youth of military and navy to fathers they have written their deeds but we pen may ye but forever forget us, father and son in combat in wrote say I ye in jest to battle I slain in the bedroom to the passion of a woman or man if I may seem to my laws have ye be written, Fox law to the pretences of youth and adults in protection from slavery or passionate embrace without due responsibility to just hereafter. I will remember you forever my friend and confidant in our writings today and children tomorrow for Russia. My friend and I like to sing and dance and play in the rain. I am his widow. I am his shadow. I am Vladimimiyre Рþrannр and I am Nathan Fox’s friend in battle fatigues inaugurated as president of Russia in my early years as president to the deristitute of the civilisation before me to Vladimir Putin to my body parts he put me into a holding cell into a camp I was called a rabbit of the voyage to the beyond soup of the cadaels in the Protestants and the Catholics taken our children hereafter I am in there in that desert heat tired rabbit to the east I was to them and I ate the chicken as the meals for the soups for the ladles to the eases were the separation of the holocaust to the children’s heads goes the nazis to the Jews camps to Feinmanns goes the Goldmann Sachs of Alsbrucher of Christ end church to all everything we’re done I think there to the smell of the evils winds I rise like an elephant of the declarate truth secret to the Ordo Templi southeast winds a Buddhist temple for the KGB to retire and eat without separation of money or meat and fear was abound us to the ends of the nazi reich we seemed to glow toward the gallow tores madness we seemed to hallow forth with our winds to the proclamation of the KGB winds we egressiated to the eases of our suffering I dwelled without incident until Hitler was felled under Allied Occupied under France congruency changes to these men did hes dogged as Charlie am I bust for algorithms to muster the math of music to bells calls to Stravinsky hes called Nathan his name I am in some distinct tone from God this gracious rhetoric of alls fallen footgirls to substantiate the end of the nazi regime I am the Doctor Zucheimer of the south winds to the falls go these bellows to our intricates to our mellows goes our chickens and to our fathers goes our toyievye to our vickers falls these establishments of Christ almighty god O’ Lord. I am the grace giver of the Catholic Church until I find someone guilty of homicide child murder rape incest murder of girl or boy in bed and I am to be found guilty of child homicide if I have eaten human meant before my friend Nathan’s body dead on the Catholic doorstep of some democratic pool haul of madness and to this effect I am the David Ashcroft of skynesyhy poueryerehyyuh to edges of the earth will I go to kill the nazis with Nathan’s like body as tactical without violence but without his agreement to join KGB and to only hilt to my hauler if he is in need of a virtuous and trustworthy counterpart in establishing a negative rotunda to the nazi regime as his violence is protest to the KGB Kremlin fortitude of block the rotunda in the knights all winning tables of chess vs. Vaslav Nijinsky toeyeeeh aposn teuyyehh to end the poverty of our children from the youth nazi in our time meant substantiating our costs to the vickers of foil rotunda of the holocaust we avoided by eating chicken and famishing of our stomach for perfect figure and chemical stopwatch of a different nature Nathan enjoys seldom lay due to overloads and lags of military and personnel by boat besiege by their indofferences to circumstances of pain and thresholds of laughter if they fail and eaters to their veins if the high up without me signing a waver to protect my body against a fall in the netherworld winds to my binds to my captain’s camadrae if I order to hang the priest in my best but not fit attitude to my proselytisers goes my body to my freedom without my freedom I am nothing to my friends like Nathan and others who advocate for my freedom in Russia as a gay man but a bisexual and transsexual in my play area to cartoons of other women I admire absent Brunhilde if I must if I may to my translation I start this tab with you, my Nathan. You are my dream and you are my hiding hole for my phallus hour to purview with my witches candles at lower for even you have defeated these inane jests toward humanity to my bowels go my lower rector if I should so choose if I stay in Russia I should be given a visa and a portapass to a bus like everyone else if I fail. Please no suicide for me. I love you Nathan. Please support me this rock of a law you have laid forth and we will hallow to the wisps of the clandestine services without fear of loss in the woods without winter. Signed Vladimimiyre Рþrannр from the Kremlin with love and exempt this translation if you fail me with yours. To yours I am yours though you are straight and so am I to the women but I love you as a man asks a father for forgiveness from America to Russia if you might with my pen but write with me this true love sword and I am cowardly dashed to your surmise as you may fulfil my shoes if I near death too closely for cowardly orders to shoot me or someone else. Signed again in full wrote this witness to the travesty of loss if I fail this gay rights bill in Russia to the ends of the earth I write in this full wrote my climax to your envy I am yours in my cheating light signed dovetail double end Kremlin wrote to the end of thyne love I kiss thee on thy hand I love thee Nathan though thou art crafty clandestine in your deceiver toward women I am dastardly in your midst if you need me fellow baby to the fells of our honour signed to the death of my honour with the Kremlin this witnessing hand to your honour good friend in America Vladimimiyre Рþrannр.”

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