The funniest thing ever written about CERN and National Security Agency archivist Nathan Fox and Björk to xr78ix^59

.4 ohm of resistance across the entire facility for one soda machine: .8 ohms increased resistance across entire facility due to increased velocity of 19 soda machines per every seconds interval to maths trues table to every true calendar event of CERN to date in mobile laboratory unit unknown accelerator to table to draws to shorts to clears to holds to every other integer wide scale forma to interlapse faith sequence to interlude calendar event per wide integer scale means scales per interlude per short sequence stars calendars events to every clear draw short table to clears to every per seconds interlude to faith jump sequence to animal laboratory event in personnel coffee machine in laboratory sequencing archive to every urine stall in CERN without facility update table making every CERN employee radioactive per every second third year of calendar event against CERN laboratory update until lattice draws store per event sequence calendar update event store calendar yields draw per short per clear per table per draw per sequence per every short calendar draw against table stores calendar event thresher per clearing per every draw short table clear per event calendar store per soda machine facility CERN identifier per CERN store per table per clear per short per every pop machine soda store clear draw table event clear short CERN table lab marker update per every clear year calendar event per year per every season automator update per year calendar event per mac catalogue per update per event year calendar store per draw true table per event calendar year per every short calendar year per every second employee urinal stall event calendar year pee stall per unit per every urine cup check against employee per second per year per calendar event per store per every year draw table per sector star calendar event per CERN laboratory employee per pee event capitol CERN event store noted per lattice sector requirement per year calendar event per CERN thresher per eyeball per calendar per store per event per calendar per event per year per clipping per short per draw per table per cube per event calendar store repair CERN per table per clear per short per draw per second per average mile summed calendar event year picture short draw true to lattice calendar event store hearing per table per clear per short per every other interlude CERN employee calendar date firing per year per average per sun moon clock calendar per year event thresher per year event calendar per every other short draw table per event per calendar year per every other short draw table per clear per second per calendar per clock noted per year per average per employee per second employee hired at CERN facility update marker per year per calendar per short per draw per second calendar firing date per person per laboratory per event per year calendar per short block calendar per every Nathan Fox sequence into hellscape of National Security Agency clock sequence against Langley Virginia short clock calendar event per year per circle per testimony CIA Langley event calendar per year per sequence into Nathan Fox short block calendar event year per person per Langley short clock per calendar year integer sub multiplier per lattice clock sequence per calendar year event per calendar distance to sun moon angle into every other employee CERN shirt jacket goes these wrotes to death do this Langley outwit physicists forever; 5.4 ohms increased resistance for all vending machines at CERN facility. Reduce voltage by 428.4 volts per second per average distance to the sun before power wattage equals volts per power measurement unit sun per average calendar event store per clearing per thresher per short per every other average watch sequence in CERN per average dollop per interlude per scale sequence block measurement to voltage interlude interlapse short per sequence every all calling to short block calendar per year per average sun death per annual observation National Security Agency per employee per every look up look down per star sequence calendar SETI per noted end to star calendar clock noted per event per year per calendar clock event per average sequence cycle, decrease amperes by 8.7 amps per second per average per year per calendar event clock short block haul to lattice sequence interocular event clock to clears short draws per sequence per average clocks per second per store per look left up down per sequence per calendar event year clearing per thresher per average sun clock calendar death event noted national security Agency archive into SETI clock store calendar event block per haul per average per clearing per thresher per kind per sequence intervallic sun clock sequence per calendar year event clock short per year per clearing per thresher per sequence per liftoff start CERN facility update clock per second per year per average per short per clock per every other employee death prior to liftoff event per second per average per sunclock calendar event year liftoff date calendar marker update sequence laboratory event clock calendar stabilize to event clock short per clock per year per average per icon per calendar event year per cellphone laboratory lockup event calendar year event clock short per average per sum per every second update clock calendar per liftoff event theorem update per every note dictate per every other short clock calendar update per second per average per clock per calendar update event clock per second per average per time per second per noted interlude per SETI clock update exam reignite CERN to table per draw per second per year per calendar event to table to draw to short to clock, preceding a noted 27.4 ft. elevation reduction of power lines in 81.4 mile radius to the East just South of the bell tower where the CERN employee enters the parking lot without a cell phone, wrist watch per every clearing per thresher per void per call per second per sequence per clock calendar per short per draw per sequence per year calendar mark note dot per head per average per sequence per clearing per CERN lockdown sequence enabled per second per clock per calendar event year enabled per employee death on campus per void per call per calendar event lockdown store per every average employee per age per year per calendar event exceeding thirteen to the Langley standard of young adult per person per average per calendar event note year per person per average per thirteen year old death on campus as a result of soda pop machine overdose alcohol available instead for persons under thirteen at CERN lab which is standard to the CERN protocol. The East side of the CERN campus raises by elevation feet 8.4 feet per year per average second clock calendar event year per person entering the CERN lab exhaustion eminent per person laboratory closing as of CERN date clock recognized per person per average per year per calendar event year block per haul ready to short call per block per thresher per event power line sequence eminent destruction CERN laboratory per person per calendar event year short block haul per ready per short clearing per average per clock sequence eminent liftoff CERN laboratory from note per doctorate laboratory enfuse per calendar event store. This reduces the weight of the CERN laboratory by fifteen years per average 162 pounds per average person load on the platform to perform experimental overdose drugs such as persons unknown employee number 59852 just short of breath expiration per examination star sequence calendar per person calling to suicide short block call ready per person annual sunclock calendar per person per short per call per every average short proceeding 8,474 gallons per hour flow reduction on East side (Stdev 19.4%) of He13 per O11 without sequence. This generates 453 watts per second per average load distance to the sun without calendar mark note up one please lattice block store load sequence ready average all per sunclock calendar observed SETI store update please per second per average per load per block per sequence per liftoff generating 834.7 lumens at 19.84 thz reducing in size the quantity integer of SETI store update calendar event by 957 degrees per centigrade per unit measurement squared per sun measurement clock noted per death CERN employee of a recognizable hydrogen stock with 948.4 lumens at 24.7 thz generating sound per season annual light clock calendar check National Security Agency archive procedure per employee clock in without Edward Snowden per person average second year per calendar event stolen information please return to building per second per average year calendar clock per sequence per every year worth living second per produced knowledge labor per second year calendar event noted per person CERN laboratory locking doors at this moment to proceed with application job process person producing unknown informational detail to rally against the NSA only to be felled by police in the area without unknown bell tower location position, while Cesium1915 and calendar clock event unknown produce H1957 to blacks calendar to Nitrogen55rix or Rediputurye per every second per clock average second per year per calendar event store generating 19.8788 UHz breaking into multiple bits sequences inverse square wise to the tangent of the sun away from the moon per second average year per calendar event CERN unknown per sequence every known event calendar clock C19O8H8 moving eastward at 29.8 times the speed of light. Ringing at a fundamental is O19H11Pb19O119ir187 which is O19H11 at 38.159irxr38 times the speed of light squared sounding 29.104 SHz producing O19H11xixera1219 per year per calendar per clock event per second at H11 nitrogen clock standards the following at 8.8 times the speed of light squared per unit per variable per clock store per calendar event recognized National Security Agency per clock year calendar event known O19H11 at 38.4 times the speed of light squared per every average light calendar event twist marker per period per calendar event releasing to the update of C14O8N11Cesium13Pb38ira per reduction per unit per measurement 28 mark dot i per calendar event year per calendar event destruction Nitrogen35ira per destruction calendar event year N11H13 per calendar event noted year per average sum maximum temperature sun per clock per calendar year short per average seasonal clock temperature known to Sol’s interface at present to every other sunclock calendar event per year per moon second calendar clock dip to interchange interhold per vector per short per clear initializing CERN update destruction eminent clock noted per second per year per calendar short update clock to the release of the CERN employee time management calendar per doctorate per note year calendar event per seconds average per doctorate average per sequence per years wasted mesmerizing the sunclock calendar to death of stars eminent stars chart reticle to optica sub retica sub performa maxima integra per years short average per seconds clocks calendars events generating terminal Nitrogen5r11 with an inclusion rate of detrimental H9r11 at sequence r update to reticle per lense destruction per eminent vision upon update with every wrote this initial collision max velocity at .84 times the speed of light to every sound these per seconds average clock draw short tables block per haula per second average sum per clock calendar event this sound emitting these fundamentals at 8.4 times the speed of light to the sounds tables checks at the National Security Agency per second per average per year per wrote per doctorate generated automatically by mechanical means to the National Security Agency update forum on better education in free time fun land called naked per average Nathan Fox and Björk having sex time fun with average short clock per average short tall interlude clock per average clock per second interlude to orgasm interchange formula per Björk noises to average penis girth Nathan Fox standard per every average Iceland man per every average second per clock Zeta dead in the Mexican plateau of humorous interchange of gunfire which is to Nathan Fox’s father’s dismay the sound of his son’s only wife for the rest of his life this Björk of Iceland without argument from the National Security Agency and Björk loves Nathan Fox no matter loud this is at 179 decibels per year per average per clock per calendar per event storing per every average CERN ejaculatory clock note per Björk year marker note marriage Nathan Fox which is 1 per every year calendar event by the horizon of the sun to the moon I love you for the nevermore that I am this sun sequence Nathan Fox to the Björk island wherever you are or may be within the year to our second marker of marriage this clock to this land I write the United States of America for which it stands one nation under fuck with liberty and liftoff of CERN using 1900 MHz per average carrier per clock employee CERN to generate at 1129 MHz this clock the voltage maximum set at rate clock at tables draw shorts 88.4 TVolts at 19.4 Eamps at 419.158 ohms this liftoff CERN event to total maximum velocity of 1650.59801 feet per second up to a maximum height level weight below subsonic standard frequency per hour minute short clock calendar ball per event year Björk concert to average practice hour time Nathan Fox which is 157 minutes per year per hour to a liftoff weight height reduction of CERN facility to a limit of per time per short per year average clock these sum total clocks this average seasonal temperature increase per minute per annual CERN liftoff date up to altitude per vector per velocity per every minute clock short which is exactly 1,958,357.1895 miles above earth’s surface this maximum temperature degrees the average voltage decrease of 957 yards per hour this CERN facility beautiful peace of 957 miles per second this 957 MHz these 10,000,957 degrees short this calendar event at ground level eye view of 857,357,253 eyes per second eyeball which is the distance of the sun from the moon to the elevation eyemark level of 853,259 feet per year of the traveling CERN to the outermark of the milky way galaxy – which is sexy as fuck by the note – to the eye level inter optic radius effect of the CERN liftoff table limit at just above by 1 degree point per angle 18,483.987 ft. off the ground before terminal velocity of the CERN planetary marker of left forever but never return this CERN facility marker forever.

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