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The Deathcult of The Fellowship – Ultra-rich, Ultra-conservative, and Ultra-Christian


The brief blackout period happening voluntarily on the part of many websites and online companies, here in early 2012, indicates certain political forces desire to further regulate the content of what can be known. To go further, the protests display the fact there are some whom are daring enough to limit what we may perceive.

Limiting the content of information is the easiest means by which a basic control of knowledge can be accomplished. And it takes no skilled servant of the masses to see we are frequently denied access on a daily basis. Whether we are engaged in academics, politics, a corporation, or secret society, there is always some entity “higher” in the ranks. This belief there is constantly another tier to be moderating a system is central to the philosophy of Synarchy, pioneered by Alexandre Saint-Yves D’Alveydre (1842-1909).

Synarchy is essentially the opposite of anarchy, insisting there is an ever-increasing ascent to order about things; whether the topic is of metaphysics or politics makes no difference. Taking one look at campaigns pushed by American politicians leaves one with the conclusion a great deal of chaos (the voters) rally around a common cause (order), in this case a candidate, hoping to put this person (who has his/her own higher power) in charge.

Yet to what higher order does the typical candidate of a political party answer? It is in answering this question one falls into conspiracy theory, where I plan to take this particular piece abruptly: there are a great deal of conspiracies that have been proven true, and there is yet another that in hindsight will prove to be one of the greatest blunders of modern civilization.

This conspiracy of which I speak, one so great it cannot be ignored in the current course of American politics, pertains to a group called The Fellowship (aka The Family), an umbrella term for several groups rallying around a common purpose: to integrate the ultra-rich right-wing into an influential force able to, in terms of politics, vote in or out its candidates of choice. But its reaches are far more sinister than the simple aims to control politics. They want our souls.

This is no Illuminati. In fact, it is almost the complete opposite idea of such a group, one with some intellectual or magical prowess emphasizing occult doctrines (where do I sign up?). Rather, The Family was founded by Doug Coe whose organization in 1953 claimed one could attend to “meet Jesus man to man.” When the Associated Press broke the story in April of 2003 that six congressman began rooming together, each paying $600 dollars a month to do so, heads began to turn. Members of The Fellowship, the National Prayer Breakfast became the vehicle by which the group most obviously influenced the course of political decisions made in the United States during the W. Bush administration. After all, they had a place at his table whenever they wanted. But they weren’t just in Bush Jr.’s heart.

Try a dictator or two.

The Fellowship, a self-identified conservative right-wing invitation-only group had a member in the Indonesian dictator General Suharto, a man who in 1965 ordered the deaths of an estimated 500,000 men, women, and children. “The Smiling General” as he was known, also managed to siphon off somewhere between $15-35 billon for himself and his “Family.” No sweat off the backs of the Family: plenty more – an estimated 150 leaders in governments around the world – are quick to take his place. The brutal general who died in 2008 was not the only high profile member of The Fellowship able to influence a populous.

George W. Bush had a great deal of trouble keeping secret the fact that he confided in Biblical Reconstructionists, those who interpret the Bible literally and feel a need to prepare – if not trigger – the Second Coming by way of a religious totalitarianism which would imprison or execute racial minorities, homosexuals, anyone who has supported or performed abortions, and political dissidents opposed to the conservative right-wing dictations set forth by the ultra-rich – about 6.5 billion people.

The possibility this group does not exist is about 0% – because they are in fact real, even if they don’t contribute many tax dollars to their respective governments.

Their impact has spread beyond America and Indonesia when another famous member of The Family, the Honduran General Gustavo Alvarez Martinez, worked with the CIA’s infamous Battalion 316. Their job was to suppress leftist activity in the country as well as spark a little contra-coup in Nicaragua. The day of his assassination, Martinez is famously quoted as saying,

“Blessed is the nation whose God is Jehovah.”

The assassins dressed in – need I say – blue uniforms, had disguised themselves as telephone workers successfully evading capture.

Perhaps it was the CIA itself who conducted the surgical removal of such an eccentric character aiming to make his country one centered around religion and the acceptance of Christ as ultimate truth?

It appears presently that the poorest of Americans are the majority. This majority is also highly undereducated having little else than either a high school education, a GED, or a mention of having dropped out to account for what has been learned in this country’s educational system. But not shockingly, the majority of this same population undereducated and poor children and adults also subscribe to some denomination of Christianity.

The ultra-rich we are so fed up with infact have your interests in mind; that is if you are stupid enough to believe in a “Second Coming” such as one prophesied by Harold Camping last year in 2011 that it is doomed to happen any minute now. Though the minute, hour, day, week, month, and year have constantly come and gone, still the faith grips millions that the end is inevitable even if this story of biblical proportions has nothing to do with one’s own pathetically short life on this planet. The stories of the Bible could not possibly just allude to one’s own self, now could they? If I started to worry so much about death, I’d be much more likely to tell a few other fearful types like myself… Wouldn’t you? Really, we all need to sleep at night.

Well I’m not afraid of death, especially not on some world wide apocalyptic scale fully stocked with angels, trumpets, and hydras (don’t you know what those are?). This is because I’ve learned a thing or two about life expectancy and that my life really isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things – the universe I mean. Realizing this, that I am stardust, has enabled me to pick and choose what I see as important while I’m alive. I guess another name for this is wisdom. Or is it just basic intelligence? But maybe I’m just a “dumb liberal.”

It’s your spaceship too.

To the religiously conservative audiences out there, realize this: Most of you aren’t rich, don’t hold degrees or certificates of completion, probably rally for your evangelically approved sports teams, most likely have never attempted to learn another language, can’t accept a world where people of different beliefs (religious/political… cosmological) can actually get along, are likely physically unfit and contributing to one or more congestive problems (COPD, CHF), and will never realize the beauty of a sunrise without having to thank the invisible spaghetti monster who watches over our every thought and desire.

But rest assured, majority of Americans, this: the day will come when you will die alone, because this is how things have to be. You can’t take others with you. You have to go there, down the valley with the rod, staff, blah blah – completely and totally alone. While alive its too easy to think of the comfort we will have with the Lord or some inspired ideology we believed in the midst of religious ecstasy, yet the religions have taught us something the majority invariably misses. Statistically it’s impossible to do otherwise – to bring peace on earth and all go out together – so here it is, your duty spelled out for you:

As a member of a religious ideology, your duty is to please the hierarchy – even if it’s the spaghetti monster. You must give your money to its representatives else you are doomed to elect a “communist,” a person who wants fairness or dialogue between different peoples. Or is your version of a communist still something to do with Joseph Stalin or ex-North Korean leader Kim Jong I(r)? Because these are the very people the religious-right need in power to gain any popular support. Frankly, if you are a religious person, especially an American Christian, you are inevitably a communist toward all other Christians within your denomination; you are a socialist if you care about your Christian brethren and rally for a common cause or support a common candidate to back political and (anti)economic initiatives.

But you become a fascist (think “Hitler,” “Mussolini,” or live humans in hot ovens) – the opposite of a “political” communist (think bullets, starvation) – the moment you go against the world, standing isolated and proclaiming the New Jerusalem for your people.

If you want to be anymore overt about being a right-wing, bible-loving, Christianized Republican, get out there and start converting or killing everyone you can until you perish in the midst of God’s great work. If you don’t, organizations like The Fellowship will organize people to do that for you. Billy Graham will gladly take your credit card and give the money to the CIA – I can only gather.

Faith-based initiatives pushed by the Bush administration – almost always promoted by the Fellowship – overtly undermine the Constitutional foundation of the country. This is because the Great Beast of America has to fall to the ways of Christianity else an apocalypse cannot possibly happen in this lifetime. Laws must be broken for the greater Christian good. Money will be the means by which this happens. And now you are another veal calf locked in a box, ready to be served to a congress set up to make all branches of the American government fail. The time for conspiracy thinking is no more.

There is but conspiracy fact.

Mitt Romney believes in three levels of heaven in which the people in the bottom two are slaves. Don’t be a bottom and stop feeding top, because I’m not your slave.

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