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The Deathcult of The Fellowship – Ultra-rich, Ultra-conservative, and Ultra-Christian

The brief blackout period happening voluntarily on the part of many websites and online companies, here in early 2012, indicates certain political forces desire to further regulate the content of what can be known. To go further, the protests display the fact there are some whom are daring enough to limit what we may perceive. … Continue reading

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Gluten-free – A Religion for the Anxious and Concerned 21st Century Citizen

When Copernicus decided himself right when thinking Earth revolved around Sol, the latter planetary body regarded by the Christian church as a planet, he was burned alive. But what if an idea existed that states: more people are right about something making that something required to be alive? Even modern religious followers of today, particularly … Continue reading

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Ancient Chinese Secret – Is India the Source of Chinese Esoterica?

Question If you were married, and your martial arts teacher asked you to abstain from ejaculation for 100 days, how would you react?  Would you just laugh? How many details of Indian esoterica made their way to China?  With the comprehensive systems of longevity in both Indian and Chinese philosophies, how many of the original … Continue reading